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Four people injured and huge material damage during torrential rain


Apr 5, 2022

CIBITOKE April 5th (ABP) – A torrential rain mixed with hail and strong wind that hit Buhayira, Ngoma and Buziransazi areas of Murwi commune last week caused a lot of damage, according to confirmed reports. by the communal administrator, Mr. Melchiade Nzokizwanayo. Four people were injured and taken to the health center in Buhayira, but a few hours later three of them returned to their homes. A total of 98 houses were destroyed by that bad weather on the Buhayira and Remera villages, in addition to four classrooms completely destroyed at ECOFO Nkuna. Many hectares of varied crops were damaged on the two villages of the Buhayira zone, to which are added others on the Maranga and Gitega villages of the Buziransazi zone, according to the same official. In the Ngoma village and zone, the administrative reports confirmed by the administrator mention a destroyed house, and 325 fields of beans, 225 fields of maize, 35 fields of tomato, 27 fields of leeks and 12 fields of other vegetables, all damaged by hail. Administrator Nzokizwanayo is appealing to benefactors to come to the aid of the victims of that rain and to help find where the students of ECOFO Nkuna can continue their learning while waiting for the rehabilitation of their classrooms.