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The Civil Service Mutual Fund Agency has been inaugurated


Apr 4, 2022

CIBITOKE April 4th (ABP) – The inauguration of the 4th provincial branch of the Public Service Mutual Fund (MFP) took place on Wednesday, March 30, in headquarters of Cibitoke province (north-west of Burundi).

The inauguration ceremonies were enhanced by the presence of the chief of staff of the governor of Cibitoke province, accompanied by the director general of the MFP, Mrs. Annonciate Sendazirasa.

Were invited to that event, the MPs elected in the constituency of Cibitoke, representatives of various services of the province and affiliates of the MFP.

In her speech for the occasion, the Director General of the MFP indicated that the Cibitoke agency is the fourth, after the opening of those of Bururi, Gitega and Ngozi, for 42 years of existence of that institution. She specified that the choice of Cibitoke province is not a game of chance. Rather, it is to reduce the long distance that affiliates would have to travel to reach the MFP headquarters in Bujumbura.

For example, she spoke of a resident of Bukinanyana commune, who would have to travel about a hundred kilometers to be served in Bujumbura. The same official indicated that one of the objectives of the MFP is to approach its agencies, its pharmacies, its documents like affiliate cards, to the people benefiting from its services.

She promised subscribers in Cibitoke province that they will have easy access to affiliate cards, even biometrics soon.

Mrs. Sendazirasa took advantage of that opportunity to present to the authorities of Cibitoke, the agency staff to whom she advised to welcome and serve the affiliates well, while observing the code of ethics of the MFP.

As for the governor’s chief of staff, he thanked the director general of the Public Service Mutual Fund for the opening of this agency, which improves the good health of the people. He pleaded for good services and the availability of medicines.