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The second deputy speaker of the National Assembly has visited agro-pastoral projects


Mar 25, 2022

BUBANZA March 25th (ABP) – The second deputy speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Abel Gashatsi, visited, on Wednesday March 23, agro-pastoral projects, in Gihanga and Bubanza communes (north-west of Burundi), a check by ABP revealed.

In Gihanga commune, Mr. Gashatsi visited a farmer from Buringa village in Gihanga commune having a company named “Life Way Company” which has a farm of more than 600 cows. The owner of the company, Mr. Prosper Ndangamira, indicates that he has plans to set up a training center in agriculture and livestock, manufacture of concentrates, to set up a veterinary pharmacy and a milk-products processing industry. The other farmer visited by that person in authority is from Village Six of the same commune, who reports that permanent stabling has increased his production of milk and organic manure, and that conflicts with neighboring farmers have decreased. Mr. Gashatsi also visited the cattle breeding center of the Randa farm in Bubanza commune, where cattle, poultry and rice farming are practiced on 504 hectares. That breeding center helps to cross the cattle breeds of breeders neighboring the said center. He also visited the radiation center of SRD Imbo, in village four, which multiplies selected seeds of rice to be grown on about 5000 hectares of SRD Imbo, and to be given to surrounding rice farmers.

Director General of SRD Imbo says rice fields portend a good harvest.

The second deputy speaker of the National Assembly said he was satisfied with those projects and encourages the initiators that they serve as good references and respond to the appeal of the State to increase agricultural production. He asks them to consider processing agro-pastoral products. He invites other local residents to follow suit in order to support the government. It is worth noting that this person in authority plans to continue trips to other communes of Bubanza province, until Friday, March 25.