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The man accused of murdering his wife has been sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment


Feb 22, 2022

BUBANZA February 22nd (ABP) – A 20-year prison term is the sentence imposed on the man accused of premeditated murder of his wife on February 12th that year, in Gahwazi I village, Mpanda commune (north-west of Burundi). It was in a flagrance trial at the High Court (TGI) of Bubanza, on Friday, February 18th.

In the public audience, the public prosecutor accused that man, named Bosco Kamaro, of having murdered, with premeditation, his wife named Charlotte Igiraneza. The Court had requested for the accused, the life sentence, damages and interest of 50 million BIF, parental forfeiture and seizure of all his property. The accused, according to him, pleaded guilty, but refused premeditation. After deliberation, the High Court of Bubanza sentenced Bosco Kamaro to a 20-year prison term and the seizure of all his property, which will be given to the person who will take care of raising three children left by the missing victim. Note that in the absence of the civil party, the Court did not rule on the parental forfeiture, as well as on damages and interests.