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The going up of prices, damaged roads and bridges, are the major concerns of the inhabitants of Musigati commune


Feb 22, 2022

BUBANZA February 21st (ABP) – The going up of prices of basic necessities, damaged roads and bridges and the non-respect for permanent stabling in certain localities, are singled out as major concerns of the inhabitants of Musigati commune, Bubanza province (north-west of Burundi), a check by ABP, in the meeting provincial Governor Cléophas Nizigiyimana held on Tuesday February 15th with the inhabitants of that commune, has revealed.

Regarding that rising of prices, some communal residents that the check by ABP contacted, say that, within a period not exceeding three months, 1 kilogram of rice which was bought at 1700 BIF reaches 2700 BIF, 1 kilogram of cassava flour went from 550 to 1200 BIF, the price of a bottle of palm oil went from 1800 to 2700 BIF, and 1 kilogram of beans goes to 1300 BIF whereas it did not exceed 700 BIF.

As for the damaged roads and bridges, residents of that commune indicate that some health centers remain inaccessible by ambulances, but also that the movement of people and goods remains difficult. They also speak of the non-respect for permanent stabling in certain localities of that commune.

Here, the governor of Bubanza province calls on the inhabitants of Musigati commune to increase production, especially agricultural production, which, according to him, will reduce the prices of food products, instead of cultivating sugar cane and eucalyptus trees, as is noticeable in that commune.

As for the heads of the various services and representatives of the various associations, Governor Nizigiyimana asks them to increase meetings with their subordinates to inquire about their concerns and seek rapid solutions. He also invited them to serve as a good reference in increasing agricultural production.

It is worth noting that Musigati is the 3rd commune visited within the framework of the trips organized by the office of the governor.