• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

About 183 youth cooperatives have already benefited from PAEEJ loans


Jun 7, 2024

BUBANZA, June 7th (ABP) – The Provincial administrative authorities are delighted with the degree of organization in cooperatives and the adherence to the Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Program (PAEEJ) by the youth of Bubanza Province (northwest Burundi), a check on the site by ABP has disclosed.

The data from the PAEEJ, Bubanza office, show that 183 youth cooperatives have already benefited from loans from that program. Those young people practice poultry farming, fish farming and agri-food processing. They operate in the sector of information and communication technologies, as well as in various other trades.

About 1,506 jobs for young people have already been created, including 201 jobs, and 110 young people have benefited from internships.

The Advisor to the Governor of Bubanza Province in charge of Development, Mr. David Ndayizeye, and the Head of the Provincial PAEEJ Office, Mr. Donatien Bora, say they are satisfied with the progress already made by the young people of that province because, they say, they have quickly understood the importance of PAEEJ for their future. They invite those young people to regularly repay the loans taken out, as agreed, so that others can benefit from them. Those authorities call on those who have benefited from the credits not to forget to pay taxes and duties. They urge the youth to develop creativity, make the most of the potential of their respective localities, and think about profitable and sustainable projects that facilitate repayment, especially since they are the category of the active people that the country still needs, they continue.