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Torrential rain has caused damage in Bukinanyana commune


Feb 11, 2022

CIBITOKE February 11th (ABP) – A torrential rain that fell on Bukinanyana commune from the afternoon of February 9 until the morning of February 10, caused a lot of material damage.

The provisional assessment speaks of nearly thirty houses destroyed, 30 hectares of crops damaged, and the cutting of national roads RN 10 and RN 9 in certain localities, according to the communal administrator, Mr. Christian Nkurikiye.

The most affected villages are Masango, Kibati, Kibaya and Burimbi, where the Nakibaya bridges linking Ndora and Kiruhura, and the Nanderama bridge linking Masango and Ndora were also destroyed by this rain.

The communal administrator encouraging the people who are involved in clearing the debris of earth on these national roads, and calls on the same people for mutual solidarity and mutual aid for the rehabilitation of houses destroyed by that bad weather, where possible so that the victims no longer sleep under the stars.