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The governor of Makamba province continues his field trips in different communes


Feb 11, 2022

MAKAMBA February 10th (ABP) – The governor of Makamba province (southern Burundi), Mrs. Françoise Ngozirazana, in the company of the heads of provincial services met on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, at the Nyanza-Lac stadium, the people of the Muyange zones, Kabonga and Nyanza-Lac, in order to collect his grievances, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

During that listening session, the questions raised were mainly based on the land disputes that are being dealt with by the National Commission for Lands and Other Property (CNTB). Thus, the people wanted to know the fate of the trials that are in the CNTB while its mandate ends in March.

On that issue, the representative of the CNTB reassured the people saying that the government could increase its mandate if not, these trials will be sent to the courts in place.

Regarding the execution of trials, he indicated that a decision from the level of appeal is executed while waiting for the injured party to seize the higher authorities.

Governor Ngozirazana asked the people of that locality to strengthen their love because, she adds, it is the latter who will end the land disputes in Nyanza-Lac commune. As a possible solution, one person proposed that the administration raise awareness among returnees and residents on the peaceful resolution of conflicts and good cohabitation.

The people living in residential district 2 of Nyanza-Lac raised the issue of accessibility, indicating that they do not have a road that leads to their district following a private individual who erected his construction in a space where the road had to pass.

Another issue was family where a woman from Nyabutare village, Muyange zone is mistreated by her in-laws and has so far nowhere to farm. Another girl said she worked as a cleaner for a police officer for a year without pay.

To all those questions, Mrs. Ngozirazana asked the administration and the services concerned to provide answers within a period not exceeding two weeks.

The governor of Makamba province returned to the issue of the electrification of the center of Muyange saying that the ministry in charge of energy is at work for that center to be electrified.

Responding to the question of non-compliance with the law on permanent stabling, especially in Mwimbiro village, Mrs. Ngozirazana asked the administrators to enforce that law because Nyanza-Lac commune cannot make an exception, while noting that measures administrative will be taken against the administrators who will go beyond measure.