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A young graduate serves as a role model in job creation


Feb 15, 2022

MAKAMBA February 14th (ABP) – A young graduate of the Faculty of Agronomy and Bioengineering (FABI), Mr. Nephtalie Ciza advises the population, especially of his native village of Nyabigina in Nyanza-Lac commune, to cultivate selected seeds and raise improved breed animals to perform well, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

                                           The young entrepreneur in his tomato field

To achieve that, Mr. Ciza created an agro-pastoral innovation and training farm (FIFAP) and gave employment to about 30 people who work on this farm.

He currently has 50 hens, 29 piglets, a 2-hectare field of corn as well as other fields of tomatoes, eggplant and watermelon which he cultivates in partnership with the Sangwe cooperative.

A woman named Adeline Tuyisenge is happy that in her field she followed the advice of FIFAP agents to cultivate her field. It asks the population to follow the advice of agronomists or veterinarians to carry out agro-pastoral projects.

In addition, Mr. Ciza, indicated that he has a problem to have a ground to help the population of his native village to have those animals of improved race of pigs and hens.