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Training of trainers from the National School of Administration and the Higher Institute of Business Management


Jan 26, 2022

BUJUMBURA January 24th (ABP) – ENA Director General Dionise Arakaza said this Wednesday, January 19, 2022, during the closing of the two-day training from January 17 to 19 for trainers from the National School of Administration (ENA) and the Higher Institute of Business Management (ISGE), that andragogy is a specialized training for teacher trainers, learned the ABP on site.

Mr. Arakaza said that as part of the solidarity fund for innovative projects, the French Embassy has implemented the economic and financial governance support project in Burundi.

It is a project, he adds, which makes it possible to support three institutions in particular, the ENA, ISGE and the Court of Auditors. It meant that the teacher trainers of the ENA and the ISGE, being university professors, seek to reinforce their knowledge and to find additional training to that which they hold, to know what is done outside the allow Burundians, in order to share experience with their colleagues from the INS and finance expertise.

The Director General of ENA, indicated that his institution and the ISGE in collaboration with the French Embassy in Burundi, would like all the teacher trainers of the respective schools to be able to participate in this training, but taking into account their expectations. They preferred to share them in groups to have a good participatory quality, specifying that the teacher trainers who did not start in this first series, will participate in any training scheduled for the months of February, March and April 2022.

He further pointed out that the teacher trainers have just had relations with his French colleagues, an aspect of cultural diversity that has just been noticed. They exchanged on French culture, on the ways in which they proceed in the training of French executives and that could be taken as a model for teachers or for future training which takes place at the level of ENA and ISGE, we also noticed the aspect of cooperation and we gave certificates to our teacher trainers.

Mrs. Gaudence Ndayirorere, participant in the training, was able to show that they had an advantage during that training, the capacity building of knowledge and skills as trainers for each other. It was also an opportunity to learn some knowledge and skills in adult education.