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The people of Rushemeza and Rwego villages have participated in the rehabilitation of the Jiji bridge


Jan 26, 2022

BURURI January 25th (ABP) – The people of Rushemeza and Rwego villages, respectively of Bururi and Songa communes, whose members of the “umuryango n’uwacu” cooperative participated on Saturday in the rehabilitation works of the bridge built over the Jiji river, which will form the border between Bururi and Songa communes.

The leaders of the Rushemeza and Rwego villages affirmed that this bridge has a capital importance for the population of the two communes. It serves the movement of people and goods and the strengthening of social relations between communities.

The president of the “umuryango n’uwacu” cooperative, Mr. Jadon Niyonsaba indicated that the cooperative’s mission is to develop the hills where the cooperative is located. This cooperative also has the mission of participating in the peaceful resolution of conflicts that may arise in the communities. It also helps to create jobs and learn modern farming techniques to improve agricultural production.

After the rehabilitation works of the bridge, the members of this cooperative went to the Rushemeza hill where they started the sowing of potatoes and fodder crops on an area of ​​two hectares.