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Seizure of 217 fraudulent loincloths from the D.R. Congo


Jan 20, 2022

CIBITOKE January 20th (ABP) – At least 217 fraudulent loincloths from the D.R. Congo were seized by the police along with the administration, on January 17 around 6 p.m., in Bitare of Bukinanyana commune, in Cibitoke province (north-west of Burundi).

Those uncleared goods were transported towards Ngozi province (north), aboard a Carina brand car driven by a certain David Sindayigaya, residing at the 9th crossroad of Rusiga in Rugombo commune, according to well-informed sources. The latter is imprisoned in Bukinanyana, for investigations and the instruction of the file.

Administrative officials and police are warning all those who commit fraud and smuggling, because they have less chance of escaping, regardless of the route taken, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.