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Kimina center is taking off


Jan 6, 2022

BUJUMBURA January 6th (ABP) – The locality of Kimina in Kabezi commune, Bujumbura province (western Burundi) is taking off and developing, thanks to the sacrifice of the native priest by the name of Alphonse Ndabiseruye.

With a communal high school for several years, the Kimina center is connected to drinking water with solar energy, has a health center that meets standards and a cathedral housing the Kimina branch of the Kabezi parish.

Father Alphonse Ndabiseruye indicated that the Kimina Communal High School has 1,400 pupils including 240 boarders who come from all over the country, but the majority are from the economic capital Bujumbura.

Post-basic pupils in economics and sciences (Bio-chemistry) are doing better as well as those in basic school, added Father Ndabiseruye, arguing that all 105 pupils passed the national competition last year.

All those good works were built thanks to the initiative of that man of the Church and the good collaboration with local people as well as the support of benefactors.

According to Father Ndabiseruye, Kimina is the torchbearer in safeguarding peace and security in Kabezi commune.

In 2015, he said, the Tutsi fled but the Hutu watched over their property and some are starting to return and are in the process of rebuilding their households, he said, adding he was delighted with the way in which they currently cohabit with others.

The residents of Kimina that a check by ABP contacted, indicate that they owe that development to Father Alphonse Ndabiseruye who built the Kimina High School, the health center, a Church and soon there will be the modern market. The children study in good conditions, people are treated not far from home and find other advantages there. They pray that the Almighty protect him.