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Gifts have been given to 35 vulnerable children of Kaburantwa in Buganda commune


Jan 4, 2022

CIBITOKE January 4th (ABP) – Members of the Men of Purpose (MOP) association proceeded, in the afternoon of Friday, December 31, 2021, to the sharing of food and lemonades to celebrate the 2022 New Year’s Eve with children from underprivileged families and their parents from the locality of Kaburantwa, Buganda commune in Cibitoke province.

A total of 35 children from disadvantaged families and their parents expressed their feeling of satisfaction linked to the support from the Men Of Purpose association.

During those sharing ceremonies, gifts made of leather shoes were given to those children, in order to encourage them to keep good performances in terms of school results.

Parents testify to their children’s progress in school, and how they left their vulnerable situation before 2019, with support from MOP for agriculture and pig livestock.