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Torrential rains mixed with strong wind caused damage in Gahombo commune


Dec 30, 2021

KAYANZA December 30th (ABP) – Torrential rains mixed with strong wind which fell on Monday and Tuesday in the various villages of Gahombo commune in Kayanza province (north), caused a lot of damage especially in the Nzewe zone, the communal administrator of Gahombo, Mr. Sylvestre Ntunzwenayo, told a check by ABP in an interview, while stressing that the victims of those weather variations are in total disarray.

According to him, the most affected villages were notably Nzewe and Shurugumya, in the Nzewe zone. He said that the roofs of three classrooms and six latrines were blown away at Nzewe Basic School.

Aside from that school, a part of the Nzewe Catholic branch of Rukago Parish was also partially blown away.

The same communal administrative authority mentions 20 hectares (ha) of damaged maize crop fields to which are added five other banana plantations.

Based on such a sad situation, Mr. Ntunzwenayo asked the natives, other benefactors as well as partners of the commune to lend their hand in order to cover, with iron sheets, classrooms and latrines whose roofs were blown away, and especially since the start of the second term is drawing near.