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The Head of State has hosted a public program in Bujumbura City Council


Dec 31, 2021

BUJUMBURA December 31st (ABP) – The Head of State, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, hosted, on Wednesday, December 29, 2021, at the Intwari stadium in the City of Bujumbura, a public program, where he answered questions from journalists and people, in order to strengthen democratic culture.

In his opening speech, Mr. Ndayishimiye recalled that this public program offers the opportunity to all Burundians to contribute to the building of a flourishing and peaceful nation, because, he added, the program is not a simple question-and-answer game, but it is rather a democratic exercise.

Regarding the fire that took place in the central prison of Gitega, the Head of State expressed his compassion to the victims and their families, while wishing the injured a speedy recovery. He took the opportunity to deny and deplore the bad behavior of some ill-intentioned Burundians who attribute this despicable act to the Burundi government.

                                                                                                      View of journalists participating in the public broadcast

The President of the Republic also pointed out that even if peace and security reign throughout the territory, the population has to continue to keep the peace, meaning that some Burundians have integrated terrorist movements such as the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in eastern DRC.

As far as Justice is concerned, the President of the Republic is delighted that the execution of judgments is done in the country. He promised the redress of Justice, so that plaintiffs regain confidence in that body.

In the social sector, Mr. Ndayishimiye raised his concern about the demographic explosion that is observed in Burundi. However, he calls on all Burundians to take this concern of the country in hand.

On the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR), the Head of State reiterates the government’s desire to put truth and reconciliation at the service of national unity, while declaring that “The appearance of truth about our past must not increase yesterday’s divisions, rather reconciliation”.

Responding to various questions from journalists and people, the Head of State gave clarifications on the deadline given to the ministry in charge of Energy and Mines, to shed light on the embezzlement of funds allocated to the Kajeke dam construction project.

He also noted that the report has been submitted to the appropriate bodies, to decide on the appropriate outcomes.

After having collected the grievances relating to the many injustices denounced by the people during that public broadcast, the President of the Republic promised to conduct an in-depth investigation, to identify the administrative officials concerned, so that they can justify their actions.

          View people present in the public broadcast

Regarding the total number of victims of the fire in the central prison of Gitega, the Head of State specified that the people who lost their lives on the spot plus the others who died during evacuation to hospitals are 48 in number.

As for the lack of foreign currency, Mr. Ndayishimiye calls on economic operators to increase production and exports, because, he continued to say, it is the only solution to bring foreign currency back to our country.

During that public broadcast, the Head of State called on all the provincial governors to organize public broadcasts themselves for the benefit of the people, so that the latter can freely express their opinion and their grievances to the provincial officials.