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Nine people from Rwanda have been handed over to the Rwandan authorities


Jan 3, 2022

KIRUNDO December 3rd (ABP) – Nine Rwandans who went into exile in Burundi, in Bugabira commune of Kirundo province (northern Burundi), saying they had fled the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine compulsory for the Rwandan population, were handed over on Thursday, December 30, 2021, by the Burundian authorities to those of Rwanda at the Burundian-Rwandan border of Kanyaru, in Busiga commune of Ngozi province (northern Burundi), a check by ABP revealed.

The chief of staff in the office of the governor, Mr. Eric Nduwayezu, who represented the Kirundo province, together with the representative of the police, indicated that Burundi in general and the province of Kirundo in particular, wishes that the relations between those two countries be strengthened further, while stressing that he is delighted to see those Rwandans returning to their native country without encountering any obstacle in the province of Kirundo and warmly welcomed by their compatriots.

As for the deputy mayor of the district of Gisagara in the southern province, Mr. Jean Paul Habineza, who welcomed those returnees, he thanked the Burundi government which does not stop showing good will, for continuing to consolidate diplomatic relations between Burundi and Rwanda via the local authorities, especially by respecting the measures taken during the meeting of certain Rwandan and Burundian governors.

Mr. Habineza urged those returnees to respect the country’s laws and measures in force, including those related to the fight against Covid-19.