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For the 3rd day of the national thanksgiving prayer, the Head of State has called on people to avoid laziness


Dec 31, 2021

BUJUMBURA December 31st (ABP) – During the 3rd day of the national thanksgiving prayer crusade which has been taking place at ETS kamenge, the President of the Republic of Burundi Evariste Ndayishimiye said on Thursday December 30, 2021 that everyone should do self-examination in daily activities for the country and the people to be free from slavery and poverty to achieve the development of the country.

Referring to the teaching given by Father Kana Amand, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye underlined that Burundians have a major problem of laziness, while specifying that laziness is the cause of all the problems because, he explained: “Burundians are happy to receive aid from abroad which prevents them from working for their self-development. There are others who are pleased to monopolize the property of others and refuse to work in order not to get tired”.

President Ndayishimiye asked the leaders to be the right people by working for the interest of the country so that the latter can take a step forward in development. He again asked the leaders to be good servants. He also called on them to take control of what they do in order to be able to change and to overcome this evil which pushes them to work badly.

To finish, the father of the Burundian nation did not forget to invite the people of Burundi as well as the leaders to implore the Almighty to help them withdraw from evil in order to have an even new good heart which will help accomplish works well.

In his teaching, Father Kana Amand made it known that each person must walk and respect justice. He added that even God wants nothing but justice for His people.

Based on the biblical passage drawn from the book of wisdom, chap1 verse 1, Father Kana Amand urged the leaders to love justice, because righteous leaders draw the country from slavery.

Father Kana Amand also pointed out that whoever wants to get out of slavery puts forward justice and respect for others. He asked the people of Burundi not to open the door for Satan, a bad master. He advised the leaders to stop doing bad acts like prostitution, embezzlement of public property and bribery and to avoid lying to gain something.

He also added that every civil servant must work as a servant of others to help fight against poverty in order to get out of the slavery.