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The achievements of the second half of the year 2021 brought good fruits, according to the communal administrator of Muramvya


Dec 28, 2021

MURAMVYA December 28th (ABP) – The administrator of Muramvya commune (center-west of Burundi), Mrs. Espérance Nduwayezu, presented, on Sunday December 26, 2021, the achievements of the second half of the year 2021, and indicated that they have borne good fruit.

During the meeting, Mrs. Nduwayezu reviewed the achievements in different sectors including political, administrative, security, educational, health, environmental and farming.

Indeed, she said that security has been generally good during the second half of this year which is drawing near to the end, except the cases of thefts in fields, households and groups of armed robbers, who passed through the Bugarama and Shombo zones.

At the social level, Mrs. Nduwayezu indicated that listening sessions, for a certain number of people, were carried out and more than 1,490 newborns were registered in the civil status services. Field trips for the supervision of cooperative societies based in the 22 villages, in Muramvya commune, were also made, with the objective of seeing if their members are at work and identifying the challenges in the management of the 10 million loans granted by the commune for the 2019-2020 period.

In the education sector, Mrs. Nduwayezu reported that one million five hundred Burundi francs were released by the commune and for each of the 22 villages, in order to support the education sector in the purchase of school materials and other institutional needs, with a view to improving educational outcomes. She officially praised the efforts of the natives and the village associations, for their contributions in various teaching aids.

The administrator of Muramvya commune also specified that in the sector of the environment, agriculture and livestock, contour lines were drawn and tree seedlings were grown, with the aim of mobilizing the people within the framework of the national program “Ewe Burundi urambaye”.

In the health sector, she reported that even if the coronavirus pandemic continues to manifest itself in the commune and its surroundings, the communal administration has raised awareness on barrier measures referring to the national theme “Ndakira, Sinandura kandi Sinanduza Covid-19.”

The members of the Muramvya communal council and the intellectuals present in that meeting made suggestions for the development of their commune.