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Inauguration of the new OBR buildings in the northern provinces


Dec 7, 2021

NGOZI December 6th (ABP) – The Minister of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, Domitien Ndihokubwayo inaugurated on Wednesday, December 1, the new OBR buildings in the provinces of Ngozi and Muyinga where the said building will house the various OBR services at the Rumandari border post in Giteranyi commune.

Built for 593 million Burundian Francs, the said building will accommodate the taxes and duties of goods from Tanzania.

The inauguration also concerned the building of Muyinga built for 991 million. It will house the internal tax collection services.

The Minister in charge of Finance also inaugurated the new building of the OBR built in Ngozi province for a budget of nearly one billion Burundian Francs. This magnificent infrastructure is intended to house various services of the OBR working in the northern region of the country.

In his speech, the commissioner general of the OBR thanked the government of Burundi which has allocated funds of around 2.5 billion to the OBR to acquire these infrastructures. He instructed OBR staff to properly maintain that infrastructure and serve customers well. He thanked the province of Kayanza which has worked miracles over the past three years in paying taxes. That province has grown from at least one billion BIF in 2018 to 8 billion BIF in 2020.

As for Minister Ndihokubwayo, the government has allocated resources to the OBR to encourage it to be more efficient. This will allow staff to work and welcome taxpayers under acceptable conditions. He also asked the OBR to further decentralize its services to the level of the municipality by the 2023 deadline.

Mr. Ndihokubwayo also indicated that the government of Burundi has financed the construction of an OBR building of twelve levels for an envelope of 34 million dollars, or the equivalent of 70 billion BIF.

However, he urged the OBR to improve the means of collecting revenue by integrating new information and communication technologies. That will put a stop to tax evasion and other embezzlement forever.