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The President of the Republic has closed the course of the Torch of Peace


Dec 1, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 30th (ABP) – The President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, closed on Saturday November 27, 2021, in Bujumbura, the caravan of the Torch of Peace which crisscrossed the country for 10 days.

The ceremonies, rich in color, took place at the Intwari stadium, in Mukaza commune. They coincided with the closure of the innovation and entrepreneurship fair which had been taking place since Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at Independence Boulevard.

People who have contributed a lot in the rehabilitation of the Kamenge market

In his occasional speech, the Head of State made it clear that peace is the basis of development. Before 2005, peace was disturbed and all Burundians thirsted for that peace, he recalled, rejoicing that peace and tranquility are currently a reality in Burundi.

According to President Ndayishimiye, where the torch of peace passes is the light that illuminates development work. The head of state also said that the Torch of Peace is an eloquent sign of love, unity and mutual understanding.

That 15th edition of the Torch of Peace came with divine blessing because, said President Ndayishimiye, the people began to despair, for lack of rain, but with the start of the Torch of Peace journey, it began to rain heavily.

Returning to the innovation and entrepreneurship fair, the Head of State said he was satisfied that Burundian youth have already understood that they are the lever for development and change. “I am completely convinced that those young people constitute a living force of a nation, but also and above all a cornerstone for sustainable development”, he declared.

                     Guided tour of the Head of State inside the BRA PLASTEX Manufacturing company

The young people with more innovative ideas who came to expose them on that occasion reassure the Head of State that they have already heard the call he launched to them, encouraging them to take charge of the future of Burundi while tackling innovation and entrepreneurship which, he said, constitute in themselves the solid foundations of sustainable development. Young entrepreneurs in full activity had also exposed their entrepreneurial activities.

Before going to the closing ceremonies of the 15th edition of the Torch of Peace, the President of the Republic of Burundi proceeded to the opening of the Kamenge market called “Turi kumwe twese birashoboka” located in the urban commune of Ntahangwa in Bujumbura City. That market was rehabilitated after being the victim of a fire which caused a lot of damage.

After having cut the symbolic ribbon of official opening of that market, the President of the Republic, in the company of the members of the Intwararumuri association, the mayor of the city of Bujumbura, the Minister in charge of Trade and other administrative authorities from that locality, made a guided tour inside said market, which is built in a modern way. Fire-fighting tankers were at the scene and conducted simulation fire drills inside this rehabilitated market, demonstrating their response when needed.

Note that the closing ceremonies of the caravan of the Torch of Peace, 15th edition, ended with the awarding of prizes to individuals who have given their bodies and souls so that the rehabilitation works of the Kamenge market are effective and efficient.

The activity of the inauguration of the “Turi kumwe twese birashoboka” market was preceded by a visit that President Ndayishimiye, in the company of members of the Intwararumuri association and various authorities, made to the BRA PLASTEX Manufacturing company located in the Buterere zone of the urban commune of Ntahangwa. It is a factory specializing in making plastic products that were once imported, such as pipes, cans, chairs, tanks and basins, to name a few.