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Officials from the Ministry in charge of National Education are called on to strengthen local supervision


Dec 1, 2021

GITEGA November 30th (ABP) – The permanent secretary at the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research, Mr. Frédéric Bangirinama calls on the officials of the said ministry at all levels from decentralized structures to the central level to strengthen the educational, administrative and financial support to make the education system more effective and efficient. He launched that appeal on Friday November 26 at the end of a meeting held in Gitega to assess the achievements of the ministry in charge of national education for the 2020-2021 school year and the milestone taken during this year, intended for provincial and municipal directors of education, senior education officials as well as education partners.

Regarding the assessment of the achievements of the past year by referring to the results obtained in the national evaluations in this case the national competition of 9th and the final state examination of general and technical humanities, the participants appreciated the Progress made which is noticeable in terms of the increase in the success rate. They noted, however, that efforts are lacking to achieve more performance.

                                                                                                        View of participants in the brainstorming workshop

Also, education partners are invited to combine their efforts to redress the level of quality of education which is low in basic school and is noticeable at higher levels.

It is with that in mind to improve the quality of education that the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research is planning, during this school year, retraining for 30,000 teachers from the 1st year to the second year. 6th year of primary school.

To identify teachers who really need the capacity building, managers will organize tests in French and math classes.

The training will thus be organized for teachers who do not have the required grade in order to strengthen their capacity. Thus, to assess the level of knowledge acquired, the trained teachers will take another test at the end of the training, explained the Minister in charge of National Education, Mr. François Havyarimana Thursday November 24 after the opening of the meeting.

Faced with the information circulating on social networks about the organization of those tests and the desired goal, Mr. Bangirinama denied, during the interview with the press, this false information which suggests that the results of the 2nd test will be followed by the suspension of the career to those who will not have succeeded. He denied that false information by indicating that these level tests which will be organized this year are aimed at the selection of teachers who really need that training.

The objective of the organization of those selection tests is thus the good choice of teachers who need retraining to strengthen their skills so that they can improve their services but not to end their career, he said. He underlines.

The participants made other recommendations aimed at improving the learning conditions of students, in particular the continuation of efforts to build classrooms.

classes to reduce the overcrowding observed in certain classes of the basic school, the reinforcement of didactic material and equipment in the classes which face their insufficiency. They also discussed the merits of the draft order of the Ministry of National Education which provides for the reinstatement of network examinations at the provincial and communal level.