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The Minister in charge of National Education calls on school officials and education partners to work in synergy of actions


Nov 26, 2021

GITEGA November 26th (ABP) – The Minister of National Education and Scientific Research, Mr. François Havyarimana on Thursday, November 25 in Gitega opened the work of a meeting to assess and report on supervisory activities schools and support for decentralized services for the 2021-2022 school year to senior officials of this ministry, provincial and municipal directors of national education, inspectors from provincial offices.

Minister Havyarimana took the opportunity to invite school officials and other education partners to work in synergy of actions to overcome the challenges that hinder the quality of education and therefore so that the school remains in the environment. teaching par excellence.

Among the challenges to be overcome among students, the minister in charge of national education notably raised cases of cheating, delay, absenteeism, drug use, denial and disparagement of authority, pregnancies unwanted caused by sexual vagrancy without forgetting the law of least effort which has become chronic in schools.

At the level of teachers, the challenges to be overcome mentioned by the Minister are among others arbitrary attribution of points, unprepared lessons, non-updating of lesson preparations and more serious sexual exploitation of students “Kugoba izo uragiye”.

                                                                    View of the meeting participants

At the level of management teams, the Minister of Education deplored a number of challenges such as the falsification of educational documents and titles, corruption in matters of student enrollment or staff recruitment, non-compliance with the frequency and the regularity of educational meetings, sexual abuse of students and teachers. He also deplored the mismanagement of school funds and assets, in particular through the rental of land and premises belonging to the school without the knowledge of the other members of the school’s management committee, the non-monitoring of punctuality and diligence in service.

Minister Havyarimana then announced that with the objective of equity, transparency and the strengthening of decentralization, the ministry decided that registrations for the entrance examination in the poles of excellence at the university be made at level of municipal education directorates.

Mr. Havyarimana also recalled that the school is a unifying environment par excellence “Ishule Murima w’Isangi” of all education partners. He thus called on all the partners involved in the education sector to work in synergy of actions to overcome the challenges that hamper the quality of education. He recalled the importance of improving administrative, educational and financial performance.

Among the themes which will be at the center of the discussions are in particular the evaluation of the state of execution of the major projects of the ministry in connection with the Annual Action Plan 2021-2022; the evaluation of the implementation of the fundamental and post-basic reforms, the analysis of the school results obtained in the national evaluations in this case the competition for excellence of the 7th year of excellence, the competition for the 9th and state examination, support for decentralized school structures and so on.