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A Burundian civil society actor has been elected member of the Board of Directors of ANCEFA


Dec 1, 2021

BUJUMBURA December 1st (ABP) – A Burundian civil society actor was elected, Friday November 27, 2021 in Dakar, Senegal, as a member of the board administration of the African network campaign on education for all (ANCEFA). That is Mr. Jean Samandari, current legal representative of the education for all coalition Bafashebige. elected by the ANCEFA general assembly devoted to the renewal of the organs of this organization. He was placed as Moderator for Anglophone and Francophone Central Africa while Dr. John Kalage, from Tanzania and Paul Gnelou from the Ivory Coast were elected respectively Moderator for Anglophone East Africa and Moderator for Francophone Africa.

With that renewal of the organs, Burundi will lead the secretariat of the Board of Directors of ANCEFA while Tanzania and the Ivory Coast will respectively lead the presidency and the 1st vice-presidency.

Satisfied with access to the governing body of ANCEFA, Mr. Samandari that a check by ABP contacted on Monday November 29, promises to plead with the decision-makers of the countries of French-speaking and English-speaking Africa in general and those of Burundi in particular, for the implementation of the recommendations and decisions of that Board of Directors in relation to the implementation of sustainable development goals 4 and 5 (SDGs 4 and 5).

Created in 2000, following the World Education Summit in Dakar, ANCEFA is a regional network of independent organizations or networks spread across 38 countries in Anglophone and Francophone Africa.

The goal of ANCEFA is to pursue actions that enable Africans individually and collectively to realize their development aspirations through inclusive, equitable and quality education. For all practical purposes, it should be noted that the Coalition EPT Bafashebige, which brings together some forty Burundian civil society organizations engaged in the field of education, has been a member of ANCEFA since its creation in 2004.