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A rain mixed with wind has caused a lot of damage in Rugombo commune


Nov 25, 2021

CIBITOKE November 24th (ABP) – Rain mixed with wind that fell on Sunday, November 21 in the village and zone of ​​Kiramira, in Rugombo commune, caused a lot of material damage, according to the communal administrator, Mr. Gilbert Manirakiza.

At least three houses disheveled by the wind and several fields of banana plantations have been damaged, according to the same official who calls on the neighbors of the victims to mutual solidarity. That happens at a time when on several villages of Rugombo and Buganda communes, there are several weeks of observation of the lack of rain, to the despair of the farmers, who do not see what to do. Some are worried about the fact that they have already semi two or three times, but that there has been no rain while others are still hesitating to sow for that cropping season A 2021-2022.

The communal administrator of Rugombo fears for his people whose season A looks bad.

As for the provincial office of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, farmers are encouraged to think instead of crops that are resistant to drought and thus adapt to that climate change.