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The SOPRAV members are encouraged by the positive results achieved after 3 years


Nov 10, 2021

GITEGA November 10th (ABP) – The company for the promotion of agriculture (SOPRAV) created in 2019 by four young entrepreneurs from the political capital of Gitega is recording  encouraging results marked in particular by the innovation of the manufacturing of functional incubators and performers who have a production capacity of 1,800 to 3,000 chicks per month as well as the increase in demand for chicks and turnover which has increased from 5 million to 20 million Burundian francs to date, according to the information provided Thursday November 4 by the legal representative of SOPRAV, Mr. Didace Baranderetse, during the interview with a check by ABP.

View of the chicks produced by SOPRAV

Those young entrepreneurs-initiated research on incubator manufacturing techniques in 2018 with the objective of their self-development and contributing to the multiplication of chicks to promote poultry farming. The research work led to positive results in 2019 where these young people of varying levels of training, including a computer science graduate, two electromechanics, one with a bachelor’s level and the other at the level of technicians while the 4th at a level of the 6th year of primary school, have successfully manufactured incubators with a production capacity of 100 to 300 chicks per month at the start. Research has evolved and young entrepreneurs have gradually built more efficient incubators until SOPRAV has incubators with a production capacity of 1,800 to 3,000 chicks per month. They also manufacture incubators which they make available to poultry farmers who want to buy them, including individuals or members of cooperatives. The number of applicants for chicks is also increasing and currently stands at 170 breeders of chickens.

The majority is made up of poultry farmers from Gitega province who number 140, there are also some from other provinces such as Ngozi, Cankuzo, Ruyigi and Rutana and other provinces. Those poultry farmers are interested in this type of breeding and want to renew their henhouses whenever necessary. They are also interested in the training provided by the veterinary technician recruited by SOPRAV. However, they deplore the high prices of feed for chicks and hens.

The legal representative of SOPRAV is also proud of the increase in applicants for incubators.

As for the constraints encountered in the operation of SOPRAV, the legal representative mentioned, among other things, the problem of the small size of the land for the manufacture of incubators, the production of chicks, the establishment of henhouses to produce eggs instead of collect from poultry farmers. In order to find more spacious land, the representatives of this company have already submitted the request to the administrative authorities who have made promises. Mr. Baranderetse also expressed the need to introduce more productive hen breeds. To find solutions to this issue, he said that SOPRAV has already approached the ministry in charge of livestock to help him find suitable solutions.

The entrepreneurs who are members of SOPRAV also express their satisfaction with the evolution of their turnover, which has risen from 5 million in 2019 to 20 million currently.