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The COJUMA plans a better future for young people


Nov 10, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 10th (ABP) – Young people who graduated from the Carama driving school have come together to create a cooperative called “Cooperative of young people united for a better future (COJUMA)”, according to the chairman of that cooperative, who is also the founder of this school, Mr. Adelphine Hatangimana during an interview.

Those young people started in 2020, with a capital of 2,920,000 BIF, each having contributed a sum of 20,000 BIF, said Mrs. Hatangimana.

The cooperative’s goal is to promote paid transport, sell spare parts and run a garage for possible repairs, said Hatangimana. That cooperative, she continued, came to solve the problem of youth unemployment and contribute to the sustainable development of the country. That school, which already has 16 young people with university and humanities levels, has hired three young people who will teach new registrants.

That cooperative, which wishes a better future for young people, plans to soon start farming by practicing rice cultivation in Bubanza.

She asks the state to support young entrepreneurs and by facilitating their access to credit, especially to the investment bank for young people (BIJE). That would help reduce unemployment by creating jobs, said the president of COJUMA, while inviting young people to come together in cooperatives to develop.