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The WhatsApp group “Bene Samuragwa” has joined forces with Makamba people in TDC


Nov 5, 2021

MAKAMBA November 4th (ABP) – The WhatsApp group “Bene Samuragwa” joined on Saturday October 30, 21 with the people of Makamba (southern Burundi) in the community development work (TDC) which consisted in transporting sand to the provincial office in under construction, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The liaison officer of these groups which are formed in all the provinces of Burundi, Mr. Mélance Nimbona, indicated that they wanted to help out by granting 160 bags of cement to advance the construction activities of this building. at six levels called palace of resistance Mwezi Gisabo.

They also gave a tricycle to a certain Japhet from Nyanza-Lac and an envelope of 50,000 BIF.

The “Bene Samuragwa” WhatsApp group members then visited the Uwimana orphanage provided with 100 kg of beans, 50 kg of rice, 3 boxes of soaps, 4 boxes of juice, 4 boxes of cookies, 25 kg of porridge flour as well as 6 bottles of French milk.