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Sociopolitical, economic and security situation assessment meeting


Nov 5, 2021

MAKAMBA November 5th (ABP) – After the development works, plotting the contour lines at the parish of Saint Joseph of Kayogoro in Makamba province (southern Burundi), the 1st vice-president of the Senate, Mrs. Denise Ndadaye met on Wednesday administrators, heads of departments, representatives of political parties and religious denominations of the communes of Kayogoro and Kibago to discuss socio-political and economic life.

Mrs. Denise Ndadaye articulated her speech on the maintenance of peace and security. She asked the administrators and community leaders to call on the population to avoid drunkenness, corruption, fight against hunger, youth unemployment, malnutrition, strengthen the empowerment of women and protect the environment. She asked the participants to fight against prohibited drinks and point the finger at the manufacturers and consumers of these drinks and narcotics.

To reduce land conflicts, she indicated that the government will set up the institution of hill notables to manage land and social conflicts above all.

She further asked the people to cultivate all kinds of crops and to have the habit of eating all food groups including carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals to fight against malnutrition so that the people be in good health.

Regarding the establishment of provincial focal points for youth and women’s banks, the 1st Vice-President of the Senate indicated that the institution will approach the competent services to study the case. The same is true of the case of allowing traders to import corn kernels.

She finally asked the participants to fight against unwanted pregnancies and actively participate in the protection of the environment.

Note that the visit of the 1st Vice-President of the Senate to Makamba which began on Wednesday will end on Friday November 5, 2021.