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Young people are called on to creativity and organization in self-development cooperatives


Nov 3, 2021

BUBANZA November 2nd (ABP) – The unemployed youth are called upon to be creative and organize themselves into self-development cooperatives, instead of waiting idly by to be hired by the State.

That appeal was launched by other young people, members of the “Innovation Business of Burundi” cooperative, located in the capital of Bubanza commune (north-western Burundi). They testify to having started with small projects with a small capital, adding that they succeed in creating jobs for other young people.

The leader of that cooperative, Mr. Obsède Niyobuhungiro that a check by ABP contacted, said that in 2012, only four young people who had just finished their studies, pooled a capital of 700,000 BIF and started making soaps. Currently, he continues, the cooperative has 415 members, a turnover of 400 million BIF, as well as four small palm oil and soap manufacturing industries. He indicated that they have already created 103 jobs within those small industries which provide them with a monthly interest of three million BIF. He informed that the cooperative has erected two standpipes supplying water to households near their workplaces. Of the 415 members of the association, 50 have sickness assistance cards (CAM).

As for their prospects, he says the cooperative plans to build four more small processing units and buy a 12-hectare field for planting oil palms.

Those young members of this cooperative invite other young unemployed people not to always count on being hired by the State, but to think about self-development projects.

Note that the province of Bubanza registers 33 cooperatives of unemployed young people, registered with the provincial office of the cooperative and associative movement.