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Some 260 vulnerable people in Mpanda commune have benefited from financial aid, as capital, from the NGO OXFAM


Nov 3, 2021

BUBANZA November 2nd (ABP) – Some 260 vulnerable in Mpanda commune (north-western Burundi), mainly because of natural disasters, received financial assistance from the NGO OXFAM, on Thursday on October 28, 2021, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Those vulnerable are from two villages of that commune, namely Gahwazi I and Nyamabere and each of those beneficiaries received 260,000 BIF. According to one of the executives of the NGO OXFAM, the beneficiaries of that aid were mainly victims of various natural disasters such as torrential rains and others, and the objective being to help them carry out their self-development projects, by awaiting further support. And most of their projects are oriented in the breeding of small livestock and petty trade.

As for the chief of staff of the governor of Bubanza province, Mr. Jean Bosco Nduwimana, he called on those beneficiaries to make good use of that money and make it profitable and to use it as start-up capital. He also asked them to pay for health insurance cards (CAM) because, according to him, without good health, development remains impossible. Note that 260 other vulnerable in Gihanga commune benefited from similar aid by the same NGO during the same week.