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The Burundian ombudsman recommends good collaboration between provincial executives


Oct 18, 2021

RUTANA October 17th (ABP) – The Burundian ombudsman, Mr. Edouard Nduwimana, on a lightning visit to Rutana province (south-eastern Burundi) on Thursday October 14, recommended that provincial executives collaborate well with each other on the one hand. and with the provincial authority on the other hand for the smooth running of the work and the development of the province.

The ombudsman deplored the fact that there are malicious people who still dream of the disruption of security, the proof being, he said, individuals who have recently been apprehended in possession of grenades. He praised the fact that the people remain united and in solidarity and the vigilance with which people work for the maintenance of peace and security but asked them not to sleep on their laurels because the enemy has not yet disarmed.

He invited the people to take advantage of that peace and tranquility to reap the fruits which are only development. Among the works marking that development, the ombudsman cited the provincial office under construction and many other projects in progress. He pledged the support of his institution in this work and called on friends in the province to do the same.

Stressing that nowadays the people are awake and therefore does not accept being violated in its rights and freedoms, the ombudsman recommended to refrain from performing acts that demean people. With that, he said that even in Rutana, there are people who use his services to denounce the abuses committed against them by state officials.

Introducing the regional representative of his institution in the person of Mr. Cyriaque Kabura who was consul general in Kigoma, in the Republic of Tanzania, Mr. Nduwimana requested the support of the provincial executives of Rutana in the mission assigned to him.