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The southern region of the country has a new representative of the ombudsman institution


Oct 18, 2021

BURURI October 17th (ABP) – The Burundian ombudsman, Edouard Nduwimana, carried out a raid on Tuesday October 12 in Bururi province (south-west of Burundi). The objective of that field trip was to present a new representative of that institution in the provinces of Bururi, Makamba, Rutana and Rumonge.

It was also an opportunity, as is part of the government’s practice, to discuss with the administrative staff on peacebuilding and strengthening collaboration, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The governor of Bururi province, Léonidas Bandenzamaso in his welcome speech clarified that Bururi province has made significant progress in development areas such as the construction of the Bururi-Gitega national road and the construction of the dam on the Jiji rivers and Murembwe. The education sector has also improved as the success rate has been raised.

However, the governor stressed that in Mugamba commune security has been disrupted by malicious people who have shot at passengers in recent days.

Mr. Nduwimana called on the people of Bururi to disassociate themselves with the criminal groups as happened in 2015 and to recognize that the number one enemy of Burundians is poverty. He called on the administration, the people and the natives to work in synergy to safeguard peace and security.

He stressed that there are still people who cling to the ethnic division and that Bururi province is not spared. He winked at magistrates to render fair justice to litigants.

The Burundian ombudsman finally specified that the institution should be represented in all the provinces but faced with financial constraints, it is represented in the regions of the country today.

He thus introduced Mr. Cyriaque Kabura as the new representative of the institution in the southern region of the country which has its office in Makamba.