• Sun. May 19th, 2024

Motorcyclists are called upon to comply with the law in the exercise of their profession


Apr 16, 2024

RUTANA, April 15th (ABP) – People providing paid transport for goods and people on motorbikes must have a driving licence and must ensure that their vehicles have all the documents required to carry out their work in accordance with the law.  That appeal was made by the governor of Rutana province, Olivier Nibitanga, at a meeting he held for them on 11 April 2024, in the commune and province of Rutana.

Mr Nibitanga said that in the event of a road accident, the insurance associations intervene when they find that the drivers involved are in order. It is in that context that the governor of Rutana province warned motorbike drivers that carrying more than one customer on a motorbike is an offence, and that anyone caught doing so would be punished in accordance with the law, arguing that that practice is the cause of a number of road accidents.

He deplored the consequences of road accidents for families, with 96 patients bedridden in various hospitals in the province as a result of accidents involving motorbikes.

Governor Nibitanga also warned that people who are moved by a motorbike that already has another customer will be punished because they are accomplices. The fact that some of the motorbike owners are not making it easy for their drivers by refusing to provide them with all the documents they need to use the vehicles is a matter of concern to them, as they pointed out among other issues.

Governor Nibitanga took the opportunity to call on motorbike owners to have the necessary documents so that those vehicles can circulate freely before looking for drivers, who must also be in order.

As for the provincial police commissioner in Rutana, Charles Bondo, he called on motorcyclists to join together in development associations or cooperatives so that together they can achieve the vision of Burundi as an emerging country by 2040 and a developed country by 2060.