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NGOs working in Muyinga are called on to work in accordance with the PCDCs


Oct 1, 2021

MUYINGA October 1st (ABP) – Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in Muyinga province (north-west of Burundi) are called upon to work by referring to the content of the Communal Community Development Plans (PCDC) drawn up by each commune.

The reminder was given on Wednesday by the chief of staff of the provincial governor, Mrs. Denise Ndaruhekere, at the opening of a meeting to coordinate the activities of the said organizations, the general objective of which was to see the rate of achievement of the activities of development planned by these NGOs and also see if these same activities have been carried out with reference to the PCDCs.

During the presentations, the officials of the key sectors of the State where the said NGOs directly intervene, in particular the health sector, deplored the fact that some organizations carry out unplanned activities with the head of the Provincial Health Office, which confused the latter and handicapped community development. Also, it was pointed out, some development partners have not honored their commitments.

Mrs. Ndaruhekere called on the leaders of these organizations to work according to the communal development plans for the good of the community they are called to serve. The meeting was organized by the governor’s office, with the financial support of the ADISCO, COPAID and OAG consortium funded by the European Union for the promotion of good local governance and inclusive civil society for development.