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The people appreciate the rapid police intervention to bring the fire under control


Aug 23, 2021

GITEGA August 23rd (ABP) – A fire broke out in a kiosk selling motorcycle spare parts, at first avenue in the Nyamugari district, in the urban center of Gitega, in Gitega commune and province (central Burundi).

Civil protection police fire extinguisher truck extinguishing the fire

Goods worth nearly 300 million Burundian francs went up in smoke, according to eyewitnesses met on the site. They indicate that the fire would have been caused by an electric welding activity.

They thank the civil protection police for the rapid intervention they displayed to control the fire, specifying that a depot containing BRARUDI drinks was thus spared.

People who requested anonymity believe that the victim would have insured his property with an insurance company, otherwise, they added, “it would be deplorable”.