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Reminder on strict compliance with barrier measures against Covid-19


Aug 20, 2021

MURAMVYA August 20th (ABP) – The medical director of the Provincial Health Bureau (BPS) of Muramvya (center-west of Burundi), Dr. Polycarpe Ndayikeza brought together provincial and municipal officials in all fields to discuss the recall of barrier measures against Covid-19 as described by the ministry having public health in its attributions.

The meeting was opened by the chief of staff of the provincial governor in collaboration with the physician director of BPS Muramvya and Dr. Confiance Kaneza on behalf of MEMISA-Belgium, a major partner in the fight against Covid-19 in Muramvya.

BPS Director Muramvya has said that for the moment there is an upsurge in the number of cases tested positive, that is to say 22 cases under treatment which are, fortunately, in good clinical progress. Dr Ndayikeza indicated that this activity was organized after having observed a relaxation of the application of barrier measures in almost all services.

It was therefore high time to recall those barrier measures taken by the government since the appearance in Burundi of the Covid-19, among others the washing of hands with soap or disinfectants, the distance of at least one meter, not to greet each other by shaking hands and get tested when you feel symptoms of this pandemic such as cough, headache and fever.

The participants in that meeting pledged to go and apply those measures to their respective services in order to eradicate this global pandemic which has not spared the sanitary province of Muramvya.

BPS Director Muramvya reassures that reagents and curative drugs for Covid-19 are available. He calls on sick people, those suspected, or even those who feel normal to go to the care structures available for screening and treatment.

He noted that he greatly appreciated the involvement of the governor of Muramvya province and the MEMISA-Belgium and World Vision NGOs in the fight and prevention against the Covid-19 pandemic.