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The Burundians are called on to accept a change of mentality and believe in the truth of Doctors


Aug 18, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 18th (ABP) – The uvula and epiglottis are parts of the throat that each play an important role, especially when eating.

The practice of having them cut in traditional practitioners generates consequences that can go as far as the loss of human lives, according to the specialist in ENT, Dr Léonard Bivahagumye, in an interview he gave to the ABP. According to that specialist doctor, the consequences of having the uvula or epiglottis cut are harmful. What they call uvula disease (Ikirimi) is when they have an infection of the pharynx, sore throat or pharyngitis.

The first consequence is to allow a disease to develop because it has not been treated. The second consequence which can sometimes be fatal is bleeding. He said he has seen cases in children and adults who have had their uvula or epiglottis cut and bleed, sometimes fatal. The other consequence is that the fact of cutting an organ or a part with instruments whose cleanliness is doubtful even if they are sterile instruments, is to give an opening to the entry of germs, therefore it is to develop even in someone who does not have an infection, an infection of the pharynx. He also cited developing a false nasal passage. With regard to the epiglottis (Ikirato), the consequences are hemorrhage, infections and irreversible diseases such as recurrent pulmonary infections due to the fact that the respiratory tract is no longer protected by that tab whose role is to protect the airways when they swallow.

He also mentioned the consequences due to the instruments used (metallic, poorly sterilized) which cause diseases like tetanus and others.

Dr. Bivahagumye advised the people to accept a change of mentality and collectively believe in this truth that the diseases called Ikirimi and the one called Ikirato do not exist. He also advised to seek treatment in approved care facilities for the treatment of all diseases of the throat and others.

To community leaders, including grassroots administrators and those responsible for the health system, he recommended tracking down these charlatans who, according to his opinion, are criminals because they are the cause of the gratuitous deaths of the people and that this practice does not occur again.

As traditional practitioners consult and handle cases at their homes, Dr. Bivahagumye said it is time to banish this vicious and dangerous practice by grassroots administrators and health system officials. It is very easy to eradicate, he hammered.