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Women community leaders are called on to contribute to the development of the country


Aug 16, 2021

MAKAMBA August 16th (ABP) – The First Lady of Burundi, Mrs. Angeline Ndayishimiye, gathered on Friday August 13, in Makamba province (southern Burundi), women community leaders to sensitize them to contribute to the development of the country, through women’s empowerment and improved maternal health.

Mrs. Ndayishimiye asked women community leaders to come together in associations or self-development cooperatives to increase their living standards because, she said,signified, the woman can today do the trades which were formerly exclusively made by the men. “Women can be drivers or engineers,” said Mrs. Ndayishimiye.

                                                                       View of women participating in the meeting

The First Lady said that women must consider family planning for their development to be effective. “Women are called to respond positively to the policy of limiting births because the population is growing a lot,” she said. She said that the Burundian population, which was 8 million in 2008, is now estimated at 12 million. That is when projections show that by 2050 the people will be 20 million.

By limiting births, women will be able to trade, have an income-generating activity or even join together in savings and loan associations. Women must actively participate in the eradication of diseases linked to malnutrition.

Based on Bible verses from the book of Proverbs 31: 10-31, Mrs. Ndayishimiye indicated that the woman is a bank and that she must work for the welfare of her family. She advised them to return to the mores and customs of their ancestors, especially with regard to the education of children to help them prepare for their future.

The experts presented on the benefits of family planning, the fight against HIV / AIDS and the socio-economic empowerment of women.

The women leaders of Makamba gave the First Lady a heifer, five sheep and food as a thank you for her very rich teachings regarding the contribution of women to the development of the country.