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Speculators should be punished according to the law, according to the provincial administration


Aug 18, 2021

MAKAMBA August 18th (ABP) – Respecting the prices of Brarudi products, cement and sugar is the objective of the meeting that the governor of Makamba, Mrs. Françoise Ngozirazana, organized on Monday, August 16, 2021 for the traders from the headquarters of Makamba province (southern Burundi).

A monitoring committee for the marketing of BRARUDI products is being considered while speculators will have to be punished in accordance with the law, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Mrs. Ngozirazana indicated that the prices of those products will have to be respected because the BRARUDI or the company BUCECO transport their products to the province.

The governor warned the wholesalers of BRARUDI products who also have bars because that leads to favoritism in the distribution of these foodstuffs and even speculation.

She indicated that the province plans to create a monitoring committee for the marketing of BRARUDI products while the model B operation must be withdrawn to ensure that the conditions for obtaining that model B category have been followed, because there are has many bistros which have those models but which do not have adequate conditions. She said it is forbidden to import sugar from one province or town to another.

If the quantities are not sufficient, the communal administration will have to report it so that the province can submit a request to SOSUMO.

One of the traders of BRARUDI products asked the provincial administration to approach BRARUDI to set up a depot in the provincial headquarters to facilitate the growing people.