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The leaders of the different institutions are called on to know responsible leadership


Jul 28, 2021

RUYIGI July 28th (ABP) – The organization Global leadership summit called on the leaders of the various institutions, both public and private, to serve as an example in positive change in families and their organizations as well as in increasing performance in their businesses. This was said on Saturday after a workshop that this NGO gave to the leaders of Ruyigi (eastern Burundi).

Ferdinand Ntakirutimana, leadership trainer and teacher at the Global leadership summit, said all leaders of organizations, both public and private, should know the fundamental laws of leadership, and put them into practice in order to improve their organization. He clarified that any organizational entity is affected by those laws regardless of its size or its spatiotemporal location. According to him, putting leadership into practice always brings added value within any organization.

He also made it clear that there are essential stages in the life of every organization and for decision-making by the leader or management team of the company. The first step is to develop personal leadership based on cooperation between members of the team and their business leader. The leader must then complete the vision loop, that is, define his/her vision and communicate it to the rest of his/her team. The other step is to unite the members of his/her team around his/her vision. Here, it is worth noting that all individuals must have a clear vision of the overall goal of the company and the specific goals, obstacles and challenges to be overcome and therefore on the part of each in achieving their goals. Here the understanding of each individual counts much more to achieve his/her goals instead of carrying out the orders given by the leaders without however understanding why the leader gives incessant orders and injunctions.

                                              Governor Emérencienne Tabu addresses the leaders of Ruyigi

The next step is to change the reference framework. Here, the members of each company already know that it is in their interest to increase efficiency and that no one is working under the yoke and injunctions of the bosses anymore. They know very well that they will earn as much as they produced, they will earn little if they produced little and vice versa.

The last is to delegate power to someone, to value them and to encourage them. Here, the leader puts into practice the law of reproduction, that of mentoring which consists in being validly represented without fear that the chosen individual will oust the great leader. Here, the issue of class struggles and positions no longer exists and all the staff works for the achievement of the goals of the company. Thus, all heads and managers of both public and private companies, those in the administration, are called upon to learn and be guided by this type of cooperative leadership in their localities and respective sectors.

That appeal is also reiterated by the governor of Ruyigi, Mrs. Emérencienne Tabu, who called on all those in charge of all the services working in that province to become exemplary in their respective fields of action, like a good shepherd described by the Bible.