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The Association of young artists, modelmakers and plasticians of Burundi is an asset for young people to access income-generating activities


Jul 22, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 22nd (ABP) – The leader and legal representative of the Association of young artists, modelmakers and plasticians of Burundi (AJAMP), Mr. Aaron Hatungimana, indicated on Saturday July 17 that the association contributes enormously to the development of young artists, a check by ABP revealed.

Mr. Hatungimana said they started in 2012 as a group of 15 members in Bujumbura City Council at the Living Museum and one member for each province of the country. As members from the interior of the country weren’t very interested, they ended up at almost 20.

Towards the end of 2016, they founded the said association. Now there are more than 200 people including 110 from Bujumbura and 50 from other provinces of the country except two provinces where the association is not present.

Mr. Hatungimana reported that they provide training to young people who want to join the association. Among the works made by young people, there is the packaging found in food shops, pharmacies, markets, loincloth handbags, scripted paintings, men’s leather shoes, women’s sandals from leather and wood, sofas and chairs, he added.

The orders made are carried out by the young artists and they earn the money themselves. He gave the example of a sofa they sell for 2,000,000 BIF and it is whoever made the sofa benefits. Among the members of the association are married people, girls and boys who earn their living thanks to AJAMP.

Mr. Hatungimana revealed to the check by ABP that it was the AJAMP association that made the models of the KIRA Hospital, CECAD, ROCA-GOLF, the Ministry of Finance, and so on. Members of the association make monthly contributions of 5,000 BIF, 2,000 BIF and 1,000 BIF and they give certificates to young people who have passed the training.