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Carpentry is an income-generating activity for a professional in the field


Jul 22, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 22nd (ABP) – Carpentry is a good income-generating activity for a professional in this field, according to Mr. Athanase Bizimana, a carpentry technician by profession, in an interview he gave to a check by ABP.

Mr. Bizimana affirms that thanks to this profession, he manages to support his family decently. He lets it be known that he was able to buy a plot in Bujumbura City Council and build a house thanks to the carpentry profession which he calls “noble profession”.

Schooled until the 6th year at the time, he interrupted his studies in 2004 to follow the training in a carpentry workshop based in Nyakabiga, for 18 months. After the training, he continued the qualifying training at the site of the Don Bosco youth center based in Buterere. He received the completion certificate in 2011, with a very good mark that gave him a bonus of 107 boards, as a thank you from the training center. From then on, he began to put into practice what he learned with the help of the gift received, which became his capital and he made it possible to found his own carpentry workshop in the new quarter of the Ngagara zone. In 2017, he opened an agency in the North Mutanga neighbourhood where the check ABP met him in a large workshop of carpenters who make different items that are exhibited, each in their stand.

Regarding the characteristics of a carpenter so that the public can trust him, Mr. Bizimana spoke of honesty, respect for appointments and the quality of the product made, and professionalism. He said he was able to give job to 11 employees, adding that there are others who come when needed, following orders.

Mr. Bizimana calls on young unemployed people to learn the trade, whatever their field, with a view to changing lifestyles. “Even the bible says that whoever does not work has no right to eat,” he said, adding that it is these people who do not work who use their forces for acts of theft. He asks them to cut short with false friends who trick them into unproductive acts, but instead take the line of self-development. For those who have the desire to work, he advises to start by being employed somewhere, until they become a business owner later because, he says, little by little one can.