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Camp for supervision of young people on vacation from different churches


Jul 15, 2021

CIBITOKE July 15th (ABP) – About 205 pupils from different churches and districts of Cibitoke province (north-west Burundi) on summer vacation have participated since Monday July 12 in a three-day camp at Cibitoke High School, for integral holistic supervision.

According to the senior supervisor, Emmanuel Ndikumana, those young people have learned several notions of life to accustom them to the creativity of jobs and to the love of labor. Such notions are in particular creativity and innovation, the secret of school success, visionary leadership, heart wounds, the bible against laziness, the curse and its causes, and so on.

Mr. Ndikumana revealed to ta check by ABP that this activity is planned every year by the organization “Supervision of Biblical Groups of Schools of Burundi (EGBEBU), to teach young people to work hard to eradicate laziness.”

The meeting participants testified to their satisfaction linked to the learning, and promised to change their classmates, and to raise awareness to work harder and to abandon the places known as ligalas. They have declared that they will work to buy some of the school materials, instead of expecting everything from their parents.

Note that before returning home, those pupils did on Wednesday, July 14, cleanliness around the Provincial Office of Education of Cibitoke, and at the Cibitoke High School which accommodated them during their camp.