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The First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly invites young people to take an active part in development works


Jul 19, 2021

GITEGA July 19th (ABP) – Young people are called on to be patriots who take an active part in the development of the country to prepare for their better future. That appeal was made on Friday July 16 by the First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly (NA), Mrs. Sabine Ntakarutimana, during the meeting she held with young people from Gitega commune, as part of her trip she has made to Gitega province since July 13, 2021.

In their welcoming remarks, the chief of staff of the governor of Gitega, Mr. Gérard Nibigira and the executive secretary of the administrator of the Gitega commune, Mr. Pierre Claver Harushimana, let it be known that the young people of Gitega province constitute a considerable part in development works.

Their contribution has been remarkable in particular in the construction works of the modern stadium of Ingoma in the political capital, the cleaning works of the town center and in other development works carried out in their localities and on the schools, Mr. Nibigira said. Also, some young people take initiatives to create innovative projects, such as the transformation of agribusiness products and the recycling of waste into charcoal. Those administrative officials, however, deplored challenges that hamper the future of some young people, such as drug use, unwanted pregnancies and early marriages which are responsible for a high dropout rate among pupils.

In her speech, Mrs. Ntakarutimana called on young people, who constitute the strength of the population, to be patriots committed to building their country to prepare for their better future. She also invited them to be transformative leaders and determined to undertake innovative projects in favor of their self-development, the development of their localities and their country. She has thus encouraged young people who have already undertaken research in various fields to move forward without tiring. Those who have already joined cooperatives must also show tenacity for the emergence of the activities undertaken, avoiding precipitation to the early sharing of interests.

                                                                                            View of the meeting participants

Mrs. Ntakarutimana called on young people to follow the advice of their parents and educators, and to beware of political manipulation that would incite them to evil. She further called on young people to give due importance to education, which she said is the key to development. She also called on them to use information and communication technologies for useful purposes, avoiding misuse.

During the discussions, some young people said that they have undertaken innovative projects, in particular research into the manufacture of sugar from bananas, but, they deplored, they encountered a lack of certain equipment which is expensive. Some students raised laboratory equipment deficits that hamper their research work.

The first deputy speaker of the NA responded by saying that some issues, such as the strengthening of laboratory equipment, are among the concerns of the leaders and will be resolved gradually. She finally called on young people to adopt good behavior and to beware of anything that would incite them to evil.