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The State Exam, 2021 edition, has got off to a good start in Cibitoke and Kayanza


Jul 8, 2021

CIBITOKE / KAYANZA July 8th (ABP) – The state exam, 2021 edition, giving access to finalist students from secondary to higher education began on Tuesday July 6 in all provinces to last three days.

In Cibitoke province (north-western Burundi), that exam got off to a good start in three exam centers in the school province, according to the presidents of those centers.

The exams of the first day at the two centers located at the Cibitoke High School began with a small delay linked to the movement of the desks and the installation, according to the registration numbers, of 768 candidates at the Cibitoke 1 center and 585 at the Cibitoke 2 center. There were no significant anomalies reported at the two exam centers, where 21 planned supervisors were already present in different rooms of the 1st center, while 17 teachers supervise this exam in the 2nd test center in Cibitoke.

For the third exam center located at Butara High School in Bukinanyana commune, the number of expected candidates was 526 secondary school finalists, with 13 teachers registered for the supervision of the said examination.

In Kayanza province (northern Burundi), the State exam started well on Tuesday July 6, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The exam takes place in five centers scattered throughout the school communes of Gatara, Butaganzwa and Kayanza. Those are two centers attached to Kayanza High School, one center to Gatara High School, another to Musema High School and a center fixed to Maramvya Technical High School.

In all these centers, the expected candidates were 3,039, and the exam is passed without major hindrance. However, the management of Gatara High School deplored the lack of potable water which could negatively impact the academic performance of students who are taking the state exam.

The director of that high school, Brother Déus Bigirimana, is worried that the pupils could catch diseases from dirty hands. In addition, he says state exam candidates are not fed on time and waste review time when searching for water from improved springs.

Faced with that sad situation, the director of Gatara High School asks the communal administration and the communal water authority to replenish that public place with drinking water for the good and health of the pupils.

Same story for the communal director of Education in Gatara, Mr. Isidore Girukwishaka, who says he is shocked by the situation in a school housing nearly 700 pupils.

A check by the ABP eventually contacted the representative of the Communal Water Authority in Gatara, Mr. Stany Niyongabo, who reassured that the problem would evenly be resolved on Tuesday.