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The Mamba vert team has been qualified as the provincial team in the Inter-provincial football championship


Jun 23, 2021

KARUSI June 23rd (ABP) – The Mamba vert team from Bugenyuzi commune was qualified on Sunday, June 20, 2021 as a provincial team in the Inter-provincial football championship, after the final match between them and the Karipfumu team from Gihogazi.

In front of a large crowd of spectators and facing a provincial cup, the Mamba vert team from Bugenyuzi played the Karipfumu team from Gihogazi on Sunday.

The first half time of the match ended with a draw of zero goals. The second half time was decisive. In the sixth minute of the second half time of play, the Mamba vert team opened the scoring by penalty. Ten minutes later, Karipfumu also scored a penalty goal. The same team moved the net with an indisputable second goal shot by François Niyongabo from eighteen meters. The Mamba vert team scored their second goal before the end of regulation time.

The additional time changed nothing and it was necessary to decide between them by shots on goal. The first set of shots on goal ended with a tie score 4-4 before starting the second set which finally gave the chance to Mamba vert team 3-2. The team sang about their three-goal victory over two shots scored by the ill-fated Karipfumu team. The provincial organization had planned two thank-you envelopes for the leaders of the two teams that played the final match as well as a cup and a ball for the first team and a ball for the second.