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Passengers complain about the lack of punctuality of the Memento transport agency


Jun 22, 2021

KARUSI June 22nd (ABP) – Passengers who take the Karusi-Gitega-Bujumbura and Karusi-Muyinga road complain about the delay displayed by the Memento transport agency, the only one which provides this activity as an agency and which does so at lower cost but with irregularities relating to the agreed times.

The Memento agency had come to Karusi (central-eastern Burundi) to save a dramatic situation in the Aigle du Nord agency. It is the only agency present in the province for more than five years. It was very punctual and never increased the prices even in situations of fuel shortage, or even times of massive travel such as the start of the school year, the start of the holidays or the days before and after the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

“Although the ticket prices have not changed so far, the punctuality is poor,” the passengers say. “The agency sometimes sends a large bus that carries people and chargeable luggage. In this case, the loading and unloading time overlaps with the agreed times at each parking lot,” they point out. In other circumstances, Memento brings a small and dilapidated bus, causing harm to users.

The passengers ask the owner of the Memento agency to renew the vehicles or to cede the market to other carriers who can do better.