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Residents are called on to contribute to safeguarding peace and security


Jun 22, 2021

CIBITOKE June 22nd (ABP) – The governor of Cibitoke province (north-west of Burundi), Mr. Carême Bizoza, calls on all the inhabitants of his province to contribute in the quadrilogy for the safeguard of peace and security.

In an interview given recently to journalists and correspondents working in that province, Governor Bizoza said that security is generally good and that the people take advantage of it to go about production activities.

On the question about the resurgence of cases of theft in households in the urban center of Cibitoke, he urged residents to organize themselves to ensure the security of their property.

Regarding accidents related to illicit gold mining, he recalled that this is prohibited. He thus warned those who break the law and continue to steal the country.

To the mining cooperative managers, he asks to insure their employees. Responding to the question of residents living around the BUCECO factory who are worried about their health and ask that the factory be moved to another location, Governor Bizoza said that sites have already been identified and that the province is waiting for technicians to decide on the appropriate site.

In the sector of ​​agriculture and livestock, the provincial authority indicates that production has been generally good. Consumers must manage it well and not sell it to speculative traders, he insisted.

As for the permanent stabling project, the provincial governor urges stockbreeders to prepare for it in order to better comply with the law. He did not forget to say that there have been changes in education and that he is awaiting the results of the national contest to assess the efforts made in that sector.