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Celebration of International Nurses Day


Jun 21, 2021

CIBITOKE June 21st (ABP) – A conference-debate was organized in the evening of Wednesday June 16, by the SOS Cibitoke Children’s Villages program, in collaboration with the Cibitoke health district through the SOS medical center, as part of the celebration of the International Nurse Day.

That day closed activities to sensitize the community to attend the SOS medical center of Cibitoke for the vaccination of their infants, to sensitize young people and adolescents on sexual and reproductive health but also for the systematic screening of high blood pressure and diabetes in the parents.

The director of the said center, Dr Jérôme Sinkibashikako, presented its evolution and the different services that the medical center provides to patients. SOS Medical Center of Cibitoke came in 2010 to support the SOS Children’s Village of Cibitoke, and the surrounding community, according to its director.

It employs a staff of 10 units, and works with affiliate mutuality partners. There are five services that operate in that center, namely consultation and treatment of patients with hospitalization; the vaccination service; prenatal consultation; laboratory and monitoring and support of people living with AIDS. For the same manager, in its future prospects, two services will be added to it, namely the maternity unit and the nutritional center for therapeutic treatment.

Cibitoke District Chief Medical Officer, Dr Célestin Ndayahoze, acknowledged and congratulated the staff of that center for their service to the community. He encouraged the staff in its quality services to move forward, and said that the said center has sufficient materials, almost a hospital package. The district chief doctor promised to support the advocacy of the said center for setting up an outline of a hospital.